Brunch {9/1} and Life Lately

french toast

SEPTEMBER. How is this even possible? I swear each month keeps getting faster in 2014. For Labor Day we hosted brunch at our house. On the menu: For some reason my cinnamon rolls haven’t been rising lately and I don’t know what’s wrong. They still taste okay but aren’t fluffy. Any ideas what’s up would [...]

Zucchini Bread

zucchini bread on theyoopergirl

I have so many zucchini from my garden right now it’s unbelievable. I’ve been making zucchini bread like it’s my job. But I have a confession – I’ve been making the same recipe each time. It’s almost a sin since I’m a foodie and all. I should be trying different recipes and seeing the differences [...]

Vegan Quinoa Sweet Potato Kale Chili

Vegan Quinoa Sweet Potato Kale Chili

I am a food hoarder. I buy all of this fancy food and then I don’t eat it. I let in sit in the pantry and expire and get stale. I don’t want to eat it because then eventually it will run out then I won’t have any more because for some reason my mind thinks it’s [...]

Recipe Redux: Chocolate Quinoa Energy Balls

Chocolate Quinoa Energy balls on

Ahhh, Fair Week. You have lost your appeal to me. Last week you came to town, lighting up the night and providing the perfect hangout for anybody and everybody. I used to look forward to you all year long. To my own elephant ear and Norm’s fries. To every Wednesday, when Grandma would go to [...]

Utah – The Food!

lentil zucchini tacos and carrot cake muffin at vegan restaurant Frisch

One reason I love traveling is to go to new restaurants! I got to try tons of new places while I was in Salt Lake City. This is what I ate while in Utah with my family! Time for WIAW Thanks for hosting, Jenn! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Breakfasts   Lunches Dinners Random I tried so [...]

Whole Wheat Pesto Pizza with Mushrooms and Kale

Whole Wheat Pesto Pizza with Mushroom and Kale

I don’t really know what to post about anymore. Now that I’ve recapped my whole trip to Utah, I’m not sure what to write about! I like to write about my days, but lately they’ve all been pretty similar —-> Cross Country, Eat, Work, Eat, Bed. And pretty soon throwing school in there too. I’ve [...]

Still Here!


Hey guys! Just checking in and saying that I am still alive and enjoying Utah very much :) recap will be up a few days after I get home on Saturday! theyoopergirlLeigha is the founder and writer of The Yooper Girl. She has a passion for living life, eating good food, running long distances, and cats.More [...]