Easter Weekend 2014

7 mile run with headphones

Life is good. Easter was great. Days like this make me so thankful for my wonderful life! {source} I wish everyday could be filled with incredible food and family time! Here are some pics from the weekend. Saturday Then to Grandma Bonnie's   The face to all of our cooking adventures... Lynn! I babysat on Saturday night. I just read The Book Thief so it was the perfect night to watch the movie! So … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday {4/14 – 4/17}

striped blazer with white pants

Bonjour, everyone! Good morning! I don't know about you, but I have the day off today. Praise Jesus ;) That means only 4 outfits to share! Which means 3 since I had a track meet on Tuesday... here we go! Monday   sweater // Princess Vera Wang boots // Candies necklace // Vanity Tuesday track meet.. read about it here! we just wore our warmups to school. Wednesday   jacket // … [Read more...]

WIAW – First Track Meet

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You know when it's a struggle to walk from the couch to the kitchen? Yeah, that's me right now. So.incredibly.sore. Yesterday I had my first track meet so for WIAW I'm sharing what I ate!  Keepin' it simple with a Breakfast of ooiapbj <3 The usual Lunch of a pb&j&b with an apple. We left school at 1. My first race was at 3:45 so at about 2:45 I had my banana + pb. My banana got a little smooshed … [Read more...]

Jumbo Blueberry Oatmeal Flax Muffins

Blueberry Flax Oatmeal Muffins

A recipe perfect for when that craving for something sweet hits. These are healthy enough to eat for breakfast! The reason I don't bake very often is this: when I bake, I eat. (Also I'm not very successful at baking haha;). I tell myself I'm only going to have one, but come on, who stops at one? Two is practically the same as three. I can't end on an odd number so three turns into four. And this number grows … [Read more...]

Spring Weekend Snapshsots

found a kitt

I wish all weekends were like this. No obligations, nothing to keep me from doing whatever I want! Creative juices aren't flowing for a nice intro so here are some pics from the weekend. I'd say it was very marvelous! First bike ride of the season!!! Oh hey Taylor... it's been awhile! We found a kitty!   Easy run on Saturday - first track meet tomorrow!! shoppin! Kodiak Cake made into a waffle … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday {4/7 – 4/11}

Photo5 (54)

Forgive me for being clichè, but this week went by so quick! I have a feeling these last 8 weeks of school are gonna be the same. Here are my outfits from this week! Monday sweater: Sonoma pants: Lauren Conrad flats: Lauren Conrad watch: Pink Sugar Co Tuesday shirt: Aerie pants: Lauren Conrad boots: Candies necklace: Forever 21 Wednesday shirt: Apt 9 pants: Lauren Conrad flats: … [Read more...]