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Happy WIAW!!! I missed the party last week because I was traveling from 7:30 in the morning to 5 at night. I didn’t want to stress myself out with posting and reading blogs! I actually didn’t go on the computer at all from Wednesday to Sunday. I didn’t even miss it as much as I thought I would. I had other things to keep me busy!

I ate pretty well on my trip to Lansing. The best part about it all? I didn’t worry about food. Trips can be a major source of food anxiety but I chose for it not to be! 

I planned out a lot of food, just to make things easier. My room had a fridge and microwave so that was helpful! I brought apples, hb eggs, cottage cheese, bananas, carrots and hummus, oatmeal, and peanut butter. And granola bars. Lots of granola bars.

granola bars

Breakfasts were oatmeal. I premeasured some snack bags full of 1/2 cup oats and microwaved them in a glass container in the mornings! Then I stirred in some cottage cheese and peanut butter and bananas. It definitely beat the poptarts that other kids were eating!

oatmeal peanut butter banana

Photo5 (50)oatmeal at yig

Lunches I usually went out for. I googled places to eat in Lansing so I’d know where to hit up ;) I ended up going to the same restaurant two days in a row.

lunch at zoup

The place I was looking forward to try was Zoup. They have soups, salads, and sandwiches. The first day I tried a tuna salad sandwich and spicy black bean chili. Both were delicious!

leigha at zoup

The next day I tried this:

Photo4 (74)

Veggie noodle soup and a “Sonoma” salad – mixed greens, craisins, almonds, bleu cheese and raspberry vinaigrette. So good!

grand traverse pie

I also stopped at Grand Traverse Pie Company for a slice of pie. Ah-mazing. Does anyone else have a collection of take-out menu’s from restaurants? I have about 12 from miscallaneous places I’ve went to.

Dinner. One night we went out to a buffet – Ponderosa’s.

Photo5 (51)

Ugh.. I hate buffets. I can’t.stop.eating. It was all so yummy.

Photo4 (75)

I obviously had to snag a few pieces of banana bread from the dessert bar.

egg salad sandwich

Another night I made an egg salad sandwich. I was feelin’ cheap and didn’t want to spend money on dinner, haha!

The last night we had a banquet with dinner provided.

banquet salad

It started with salads and apple pie.

banquet dinner

The main course was lasagna, beans, and garlic bread. They had an option for a vegetarian lasagna so I was happy! I know it all looks really good, but honestly it was pretty nasty. The lasagna was like rubber. I could barely chew it. And the beans were flavorless! Oh well, the pie was good!

So that’s basically what I ate for the 5 days I was gone! It was nice – food wasn’t the main thing on my mind. I got home on Sunday and fit in a quick run before going to my basketball banquet. Banquet = potluck!

basketball banquet potluck

Oh how I love potlucks. Our contribution – peanut butter sheet cake. Yum.

Tell me what you’ve been up to lately!! 

I feel like I’ve been gone forever!


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  1. 1


    Your trip looks so fun! I’m such a political nerd ahaha so I would love to do something like that!

    Isn’t it so amazing when you realize that you can focus on things OTHER than food and actually enjoy life?! Way to go on skipping the poptarts, though. I had one once and don’t even understand. Happy Wednesday!
    Emma @ Life’s A Runner recently posted…WIAW: Noms Make Me (Not) Blind.My Profile

    • 2


      If you can ever do soething like this I’d definitely recommend it! So fun!

      And yes! There is so much more to life than food!!

  2. 3


    I am totally with you on banquet food, not a fan at all! But potlucks are so much better :) The peanut butter sheet cake looks yummy!
    But I have to say they served pie before the meal!? Never heard of that!

    • 6


      Yep – eating healthy isn’t hard with a little planning! :) Haha I don’t think that apple pie is as good as yours ;)

  3. 7


    All of that food looks amazing! So proud of you for not letting the food anxiety get the best of you on that trip :) I’m on vacation now too, and enjoying lots and lots of delish food! It’s one of the best parts of vacation, really. Right??
    Sally Rae recently posted…WIAW – First Day of Vacation!My Profile

    • 10


      It’s really not that hard, and it’s so worth it when the only restaurants available are Mcdonalds or something! :)

    • 17


      Well, I think it was supposed to be for dessert but do they really expect to give it to us and have us wait?! ;)

  4. 18


    Dessert before dinner! Whoop whoop! I always bring oatmeal too- last month our hotel didn’t have a microwave so I cooked it in a cup of tea and it actually worked lol ;) Glad you had fun girl!
    Sunnie@ModernGirlNutrition recently posted…Tuesday TalkMy Profile

  5. 22


    Ahhh I love your travel tips! I will be traveling to the Blend Retreat in a few months and was starting to brainstorm some snack ideas for the airport. I will deff be taking your tip on KIND bars and looking up local eats for the meals in between ;) Gotta make sure there are some pescatarian options ;) <3
    Ashley @MilesonOats recently posted…WIAW-Squash-athonMy Profile

    • 23


      I’m SO jealous! I wanted to go to BR so bad but you have to be 18.. ;) I’m sure there will be tons of cool restaurants!

  6. 24


    Someone had a good travels worth of eats! So cool you went to Lansing, I have spent a good amount of time there, and traveled through it tooooo many times! You are so wonderful Leigha, so impressive you are so organized and prepared already! You are gonna be a meal plan pro by college :)
    Tina Muir recently posted…Nana’s Cookies ReviewMy Profile

    • 25


      I hope so! I wish that we would’ve been downstate at the same time. We so would’ve went out for lunch! (Ya know.. you would be way too fast to run with ;) Thanks so much Tina! :D

  7. 28


    Your eats look awesome! (But ew – sorry the lasagna was bad!) On my trip to Quebec, we had a bison stew that was terrible – I had maybe an 1/8 cup for dinner that night and was so hungry! Bringing food would have been a good idea :)
    Liz @ Carpe Diem and Run recently posted…Monday Miles #10My Profile

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