Cooking with Lynn #6

It was another fabulous night of Cooking With Lynn! My dad, Lynn, and brother Evan just got home from Florida so we had a night of good food to catch up on everything.

photo 1 (33)

Earlier in the day I went cross country skiing with my dad. It was one of those days when the trail is beautiful and the weather is perfect!

My present from Florida:

leigha and cat oven mitts

Cat cooking pads :D

Food time! 

mushroom collage

 green beans

sauteed spinach and cooked mushrooms

white sauce with spinach and mushrooms

pasta with white sauce, spinach, mushrooms

pasta bake with spinach and mushrooms

craisin and almond salad

french bread loaf

pasta bae, green beans, salad, chips

We made a spinach and mushroom pasta bake (similar to this) with craisin and almond salad (my favorite salad ever) and green beans and bread. I was in heaven. 4 helping of pasta!

pasta, salad, and green beans

Malcolm made an appearance too :)

photo 2 (49)

Let’s just say I’m excited for the next time! 


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