WIAW – Last Day Off

Yesterday was snow day round 2! Today it’s time to go back to school :( At least there’s only  3 days until the weekend! It’s time for WIAW!


Photo4 (41)

I made some pumpkin french toast! 2 egg whites, a splash of almond milk and vanilla, cinnamon, and about 1 tbsp of pumpkin puree. It was fabulous! I had it with a green smoothie.

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healthy lunch

I’ve had this lunch on repeat a few days in a row. Eggs, spinach, and tomato all cooked and put in a pita! On the side some carrots and a green smoothie. 2 green smoothies for the day! 

Photo3 (82)

And a scone. This picture is actually from Monday. I ate half of Monday and half yesterday!


 chicken rice broccoli

Can you even tell what this is? I know, it looks nasty. It’s chicken, rice, and broccoli cooked in a can of cream of mushroom. It was yummy!

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pumpkin pie2

A piece of pumpkin pie from when I cooked with Kelvin

Since I want to be honest on here, yesterday was not a very good day, body-image wise. I know that I gained a few pounds over Christmas Break and I can feel them. I was disgusted with myself when I was trying on clothes. It took me awhile to remember that having a perfect body is not the most important thing in the world. So yes, I’m going to start eating healthier, but I’m not going to become obsessive about it. If someone offers me a cookie, I’m probably going to eat it!

Did you gain a few pounds over Christmas?

What is your go-to green smoothie recipe?

Well, have a fantastic Wednesday!


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  1. 1


    I’ve never had a green smoothie.. I need to get on it! Do you taste the spinach at all?
    Oh girl I feel you on the negative body image. I too struggle on a daily basis now that I’m eating more and gaining. It’s so confusing because I want to gain the weight yet at the same time .. I’m afraid of becoming disgusted with myself so to say. It’s so shallow to fixate on our weight like that isn’t it. We are so much more!
    Ms.J recently posted…WIAW no rulesMy Profile

    • 2


      You can’t even taste the spinach! You have to try a green smoothie! Just don’t put kale in it.. it makes it taste bitter.

      Same here! I needed to gain weight, but not with that kind of food! I wish it would become muscle! Good point though – we’re so much more than a number on the scale!

  2. 3


    I received a little weight on New Year’s holidays, it is normal, don’t worry ;) I feel that after return to healthy nutrition your weight will leave soon… I feel that mine leaves :) I think, it is a little weight – a small payment for everything that pleasure that was in vacation.

  3. 9


    I felt the same way! My jeans are tighter and I’ve wasted so much time over the past couple of the days obsessing over it – but I’ve tried to move on. Like you said, having a perfect body is not the most important thing in the world.
    Liz @ Carpe Diem and Run recently posted…I’m SlippingMy Profile

  4. 11


    Girl I need more green smoothies in my life. It’s just too cold for them to seem appealing!! I don’t even know what to comment on your WIAW posts anymore because all of your food looks so freaking yummy. Like every single thing. That scone made my mouth water as soon as I saw the pic!! And don’t worry about a little bit of weight gain, everyone deals with it, especially during the holidays. If you’re not stressing about your eating, eating to your full satisfaction (which duh, is what your body wants), what’s a little weight gain? It’ll all balance out, and you probably notice it more than anyone else, because it’s your body. I hope that offered a little bit of encouragement! Have a great last day off!!

    • 12


      Thanks Jess! I agree – eating to satisfaction is worth a few extra pounds! And I’m sure I’m the only one that noticed it. Nobody else cares if I gained a little!

      And the only way I eat green smoothies in the winter is if I just worked out – then I’m sweaty and something cold tastes good, lol!

  5. 13


    I totally gained some weight over the holidays, but I feel better every time I eat healthier. Plus, it’s bound to come off.

    Green smoothies – usually it’s ice, almond milk, protein powder, banana/mango/frozen cherries, and kale/spinach/cukes. Not very exciting but gets the job done.
    Julie recently posted…WIAW: Too full on 1200 calories?My Profile

    • 14


      I’m sure that it will come off once we get our normal routines back!

      That’s pretty similar to my recipe – but I add peanut butter! :)

  6. 15


    I can relate to this-but remember, it’s not as much as you think! Once I got back into my normal eating routine and all the bloating was gone, I gained maybe a pound and already feel much better! Just do what your normally do and it’ll all work out!
    Aurora@Fitness is Sweet recently posted…WIAW-A New QuarterMy Profile

    • 16


      Thanks Aurora! I’m sure once I get back to my normal routine that things will go back to normal. Lovelovelove the post today! :)

  7. 17


    Ya, I gained a few pounds over break. Not from unhealthy foods or anything though but from bloating :( Yuck. I tried eating some non meat/vegetables and my body rebelled! Recovering now.

    You have some awesome food going on here. I love pita sandwiches, in particular falafels! Oh my, that scone and icing look fantastic.

    I like your perspective on the whole weight gain thing though… No need to deprive! Especially with cookies.
    Eating 4 Balance recently posted…What I Made in 2013My Profile

    • 18


      I think I gained from unhealthy foods, and I’m seriously craving healthy things! My body’s not used to junk!

      I’ve never tried falafel before, I really want to!

  8. 19


    I think we all gain a few pounds over the holidays ;) No need to get caught up in it. I definitely had my fair share of desserts and unhealthy food, but I try to think of the new year as adding in more healthy foods, which I enjoy! Don’t worry about it, you look great the way you are<3 Happy almost Friday :)
    Molly@This Life is Sparkling recently posted…New year, new attitudeMy Profile

    • 20


      Thanks Molly! I think it’s inevitable that everyone gains a little over the holidays, but I guess it’s okay since it’s only once a year. Plus, it makes me crave healthy foods now!

  9. 25


    I’m sorry you had a tough body image day. That is always hard, but it’s okay. I think most women have days like that. Just the other day, I was standing in my kitchen and my mom was like “Wow you have a food baby!” and I was like “Uhh…. I actually haven’t ate in a few hours … my stomach just sticks out…” haha. I felt bad at first, and then I was like eh… oh well! The good think about bad days is that they don’t last forever. Hang in there <333
    Allie recently posted…Life LatelyMy Profile

    • 26


      Thanks Allie <3 that is too funny about your mom! The way my posture is makes me look like a always have a food baby. My belly rolls out! I just can’t help it! And I’m feeling a lot better now :)

  10. 27


    This looks so good!! I love green smoothies!! And I hear ya about the weight gain over the holidays… but if I’ve learned anything in my time, it’s that a few days of bad eating isn’t that bad… it’s when you feel guilty and stressed and then overeat even more that’s really not good. Seriously, you’ve got this girl!! If you keep eating balanced meals and smoothies like you did here, you’ll be back to feeling your best in no time!!
    Cailee recently posted…What I Ate Wednesday!My Profile

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