MIMM – Sleepover and Team Dinner

I honestly can’t believe December is here. Where did 2013 go?! The good thing about December is that everything becomes Christmas! I had a great long weekend and am definitely not ready to go back to school. Only 3 weeks, then it’s Christmas break! 

Some marvelous happenings from the weekend:

leigha and noodlesleigha and noodles

On Friday Mom and I (and my dad and step-mom) went out to dinner with one of my mom’s good friends! She is a vegan so it was neat to talk with her about food! In the past I would’ve not gone because I would be scared I wouldn’t like anything on the menu. Most of it was fish, but I found something that sounded amazing – Bruschetta Pasta!

bruschetta pasta

Why haven’t I thought of that before?! It was so delicious. Look at all the butter…

Photo3 (63)

It was good fuel for my 10 mile run! 


I didn’t eat breakfast before so I was anxious to see how it went. I really didn’t even feel hungry during the run!


Refueling the right way.

Image (24)

I got a haircut! It was much needed. Just a trim! 

christmas tree

The Christmas tree went up! Along with all the other decorations. Please excuse my terrible iPhone pics.


I would start expecting a lot of cat/tree pictures coming in the future.. ;) 

Photo3 (64)

I went to Taylor’s house.. again! This time we made creamy tomato and spinach pasta. It was another winner. No leftovers even! 

 creamy tomato spinach pasta

We didn’t make any dessert because she had leftover Thanksgiving dessert – AKA these mystery bars that were better than pumpkin pie. Pumpkin on bottom, cake(?) in the middle, and nuts on top. 

 pumpkin cake

We watched a few movies and were off to bed! 

 Photo3 (65)

We had some  toast in the morning. I have converted another to the most perfect combination ever created by man. 


Then I went for a run with Laura (~6.5 miles), went to open gym, then to my team dinner! 

sloppy joe

This is the first sloppy joe I’ve had since I was probably 4. And you know what?! I enjoyed it! There was also cheesy potatoes which I’m not a big fan of, but I ate them anyway. Also taco dip, veggies, and fruit! So rather than not eating anything, I ate what was there and it wasn’t even bad! 

dessert table

Obviously I had no problem with the dessert table – pumpkin bars and brownies, count me in! 

In other news, my first game is on Tuesday! I have no idea how it came so quick. I’m so excited! Bring on basketball season :D 

Also, be sure to check out Elf 4 Health run by Lindsey andElle! I had so much fun last week! Although I could’ve done without those 100 burpees yesterday ;)


Rest in Peace, Paul Walker. This weekend we lost a great actor and truly amazing person. You will be missed!

paul walker


Have a good Monday!


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    And to think I was excited yesterday when I ran three intervals of 12 minutes! Running for an hour and a half? You’re amazing! I am hoping to get there one day (maybe in a few years at this stage!). I can say I’ve never tried a sloppy joe or pumpkin pie. I really want to try the pie, but to be honest I don’t even know what I sloppy joe is!
    Aimee @The Teenage Yogi recently posted…I Love Exercise!My Profile

    • 4


      Hey, 3 intervals of 12 is still great! Think of all the people who can’t even imagine doing that! I’m sure you’ll add more miles eventually. Honestly I’m not quite sure what a sloppy joe is either, lol! I think it’s ground beef mixed with ketchup and spices?!

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    sharon says

    WOW!!! This is so crazy…haha. I’ve been following your blog on and off for a few months now, and I think you’re really totally awesome! And then I just popped in today and saw that you were running in Gladstone…aaaaaand I put two and two together, and WOW I can’t believe you live in the same town as my sister!!! I live in NC but she got married and moved up there about 8 years ago now… You know the old Flatrock Elementary School on 20th Rd? Anyways, it’s Northwoods Baptist Church now and my sister is the pastor’s wife there!!! :) Her name is Kathryn and she is a really really awesome lady. I don’t know if you go to church but you would love it I think! Anyways, SMALL world!!! :) I go up there about once a year so I know the area pretty well…maybe I’ll see you out and about one day! haha

    • 6


      Oh my gosh!!! This is crazy! Yes, I know where that church is.. I wonder if I’ve ever seen your sister? You have to let me know next time you come up here! :) What a small world!!

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