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Happy Monday! For me it actually is a happy Monday because I don’t have school this week :) I have a whole bunch of marvelous going on lately!

Marvelous… how about how this is the last Monday of 2013! I swear, this year went by faster than any other year of my life. I know, there have only been 13 others ;)



I mentioned in my last post how I ended Christmas at my dad’s house. I spent the night there for the first time in quite awhile and it went really well! Sometimes I have some anxiety about how it’s not my normal routine or if they’ll have good food for breakfast. I don’t need to worry about breakfast… eggs, toast, a banana, and blueberry crumb cake!

leigha and evan2

I went sledding after that with my dad and brother :) we have a huge hill right behind the house!


Photo5 (27)

Going out to lunch with the girls! Tricia (on the right) lives in Utah and is home for Christmas break.

grandma and jo ann

Grandma and Aunt Jo Ann

chicken milanese

Chicken milanese – chicken, garlic aioli,bruschetta, and mozzarella. So good.

Photo3 (77)

Shrimp tacos for mom. They were literally the size of my palm. She did say that they were flavorful though! 


Photo4 (40)

making homemade pies with Grandpa Kelvin! I’ll have a whole post on that soon :)


Photo3 (78)

Stocking up! When I find a good deal, I can’t resist buying tons!


fish fry

going to a fish fry last night! Nothing beats some fresh Lake Michigan perch. Plus some pizza, salad, beans, and homemade applesauce! The salad: Bacon Lettuce Tomato Avocado. It might have been the best salad I’ve ever had.


And dessert. These were some kind of blondie. The caramel was still warm – my tastebuds were doing a dance in my mouth!


loving life lately! Since Christmas, I’ve been eating a lot more than I normally do. I’m finding that when I have a full belly I’m so much happier than when I don’t eat enough. I didn’t run at all this weekend and didn’t even worry about it. Baby steps!


 scone and cookie

Well, I’ll leave it at that. I can’t believe tomorrow is New Year’s Eve! How are you celebrating?


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      The other day I went to make oats and I was ALL out. Luckily I stopped myself from having a major meltdown, lol!

  1. 3


    Looks like an awesome week! And tons of great food – that scone! And the pie. Aaanndd that blondie. I’m happy that your relationship with food has been taking a turn for the better – baby steps are awesome! I find myself feeling soooo much better with a full tummy – that’s what our bodies want! :) Have an awesome day!
    Jess @ Story of a Girl recently posted…Healthy and Happy Twenty-FourteenMy Profile

    • 10


      I tried one today, and it was awesome! Except I microwaved it too long so it was a little crunchy haha. But the flavor was great!

  2. 11


    I’m so glad you’re doing so well!! Good food always helps. ;) I want a bite of everything in this post, especially that blondie. Talk about mouthwatering! I hope the rest of your break continues to be this awesome! Happy New Year! <3
    Alex@Veggin’ Out recently posted…Christmas Recap!My Profile


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