Holiday Wishlist

 Happy Monday everyone! My weekend was pretty low-key, so today I’m sharing what’s on my Christmas list this year! 


fitness christmas wishlist

garmin//nike//north face
apple//pro compression

1. A Garmin! I think it’s probably time I start getting serious about the distance and timing of my runs. MapMyRun isn’t going to cut it much longer!

2. Workout clothes are always great.

3. These Nike tennies. I. Am. Obsessed. Sadly, they’re sold out at every single place I look. :( 

4. iPod shuffle. I think this is going to be my gift to myself – I hate carrying my phone when I want to listen to music on a run. The iPod shuffle has a clip that attaches right onto your outfit!

5. Pro Compression socks – everyone seems to love theirs, and I think they’d help my legs during and after a long run!


fashion christmas list

forever 21//boot cuffs
monogrammed sweatshirt//PINK

1. Scarves, scarves, and scarves. You can never have too many! 

2. Simple jewelry. I looove Forever 21 jewelry because it’s super cheap yet really in style!

3. Boot cuffs. There are so many adorable handmade ones on Etsy. Last year I tried to make my own… it didn’t go too well. Maybe this year I’ll figure it out!

4. Monogrammed sweatshirt. Monograms are everywhere! I love how they’re so personal. I’ve seen monogrammed scarves too!

5. Anything Victoria’s Secret/PINK. Need I say more? :D



camera//placemat//pasta//nut butter//vitamix

1. A real camera. I know this is wayyy out of the question, but eventually I’d like to get an actual camera to take pictures of recipes with, instead of using my iPhone. Then I’ll just have to learn how to use it!

2. Cute placemats! I have about 2, and I think some new ones could spice up my pictures. 

3. Novelty food items – aren’t those cat noodles adorable?! And I’ve been wanting to try that nut butter forever!

4. Another one that’s out of the question, but still. Someday I will get a Vitamix! 


misc wishlist

iPhone case//guitar

1. Big Instagram photo prints – on Printsagram, they take your IG photos and make real pictures of them!

2. Books, books, books. I will always be happy getting a book!

3. Custom iPhone cases. There are so many adorable ones I’ve found on Etsy. I think a Michigan one would be so neat!

4. Gift cards to anywhere. 

5. A guitar! I think my pink guitar is a little too small. It’s time I get a real one!

6. And on my list every year: a kitten! Cleo was actually my birthday present last year, but who doesn’t want another kitty?


Now, I really don’t need any of these items. I already have what really matters – a loving family, a warm home, and ample food. But still, it’s not Christmas without presents! I’m excited this year to give - the reward of seeing someone’s day made is a wonderful gift to me! 

 What do you want for Christmas?



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  1. 5


    This was so much fun to read. And yes, kittens are always good! What’s one more, right?!

    As for fitness, my mom owns #1 (the Garmin) and sometimes I use it. It is AMAZING. I think you’ll love it if you get it!
    Allie recently posted…Introducing Hearty HandfulsMy Profile

  2. 14


    I asked for a garmin as well! I got one for Christmas 2 years ago but it broke so i’ve just been using RunKeeper on my iPhone. I hate lugging my phone on every run so having a watch will be nice! I also am now thinking about maybe buying a shuffle for myself too. So much easier than carrying a huge phone to listen to music!
    Molly@This Life is Sparkling recently posted…Santa HustleMy Profile


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